Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We want to make it very clear

We want to make it very clear, what we are doing here.

We are NOT digging into people's past.

We are NOT digging into people's private lives.

We have NOT contacted someone's landlord pretending to be someone wanting to send charity to their tenant in order to find information out about that tenant.

We are NOT trying to find hidden dirt on someone.

We have NOT gone a decade or two into someone's public records to see if there is anything in their past that we don't like.

We have NOT traveled to someone's previous neighborhood and questioned their old neighbors.

We have NOT posted the child welfare department's phone number's and agents' names in the states where these "santas" reside and suggest someone call them and have their children taken away.

We have NOT posted accusations about a third party, without documented proof.

We have NOT directly contacted them with unproven gossip about a competitor and told them that we were just going through the web and "discovered" some "stuff online" about our competitor and then sent them to a link about something WE wrote and pretended to know nothing more about it. (like Ric Erwin admitted to doing)

We have NOT done any of those actions we just listed, but the members of SantaTalk HAVE DONE THEM. And they have done them recently.
SantaTalk is a message board, actually three different boards, set up and maintained by David Humbert, a "santa claus" in Camarillo CA, and Barry Walzberg, a "santa claus" in Fresno CA. These two "santas" have made these forums available and they are facilitating the hate and filth that we have found there.

We are simply posting what we readily and easily found by reading the CURRENT, PUBLIC postings of people who claim to be "Santa"

We have simply read their CURRENT, PUBLICLY VIEWABLE, message board, where they are actively posting PUBLICLY VIEWABLE conversations, and reporting to you what we have found.
We have screenshots to document and prove that what we are saying is the truth. Since we were accused of violating copyright by making them available on the website, we are now simply sending them as proof in an email, to anyone who wished to see them. They DO exist.

In regards to Paul XXXX, a "santa claus" in St. Petersburg FL and Manhattan NY, we did NOT send someone around to his neighbor's asking questions trying to find out something on him. We did NOT delve into his background or investigate online "background checks" until we found something we thought we could use against him.

We were reading the Website IOSantas.com.

There was a link to their message forum; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IOSForum.

We read a message on their forum; http://groups.yahoo.com/group/IOSForum/message/1001
We were pleased when we saw this letter; THIS is the kind of public posts we expected from a message board dedicated to Santas.

We clicked on his International Order of Santas Profile that is listed under his name or his International Order of Santas userid.

On his profile page, it listed his "Homepage", which was http://www.biggercity.com/roundgriz .
We expected to see more examples of Santa Lore, maybe cute little elves, reindeer pictures, that kind of thing. What we saw was this "santa" IN THE NUDE!!!!!!

We did NOT go looking for the dirt in this man's private life. He displayed his dirt for all the world to see. When we reported it, this "santa" in St. Petersburg FL became angry. He wrote our server inflammatory, and accusatory emails. He claimed we were posting copyrighted material, (our screen shots documenting what we saw). He claimed we were providing a link to an "Adult" Website without the benefit of a warning page to our readers. Those of you who saw our page, know this is not true. We warned every reader to NOT click to the next page that documented his dirt. We even warned you on THAT page, NOT TO SCROLL DOWN THE PAGE. He claimed that HIS adult pages were sitting safely behind an adult verification process whereby the reader had to confirm they were an adult before they proceeded. This was NOT true. We simply clicked on his "Home Page" link that he provided on his International Order of Santas Profile Page, and we saw more of this "santa claus" than we wanted to see. We were accused of "outing" his gay lifestyle. We did no such thing. He outed himself, to any person, child or adult, that may have read his IOSantas Profile Page.

THAT is why we added him to our naughty list.

As an update, we would like to inform you that because of our notices, this "santa claus" in St. Petersburg FL and Manhattan NY, has changed his International Order of Santas Profile Page. He has removed the link to "Erotic Stories" and "Older Men", which were adult sites as well. He has removed the link to www.biggercity.com/roundgriz. He has removed EVERYTHING that identifies himself from his IOSantas Profile Page.

We have even checked his biggercity.com/roundgriz site, and it as well no longer exists. He either removed it totally, or changed his profile name.... or hopefully, he has realized this is not the kind of behavior he should be linking to as "Santa" and has quit this behaviour. We do not know which is the exact result of our postings. We can tell you this however. If you are interested in what is posted on the International Order of Santas message board, and you feel like reading more about the "santa" that posted there, you WILL NO LONGER see nude pictures of Mr. Paul XXXX. But you were subjected to it, by Tom Hartsfield's International Order of Santas Message Board, BEFORE SantaCheck.

In regards to John Hart, we reported that Mr. Ric Erwin, a "santa claus" in Laguna Niguel CA posted a claim that during President Clinton's administration, NO U.S. Military service men or women lost their lives in service to their country during his ENTIRE Eight years. We then posted that even their OWN thought this was outragous, and provided the proof by posting Mr. John Hart's posting rebuking Mr. Ric Erwin.
In that PUBLICLY VIEWABLE POST, Mr. John Hart said this to Ric Erwin;
SHAME ON YOU!!! This is the same kind of mindset that had
some people calling us 'Nam era Vets "murders" (sic) and
"baby killers". Check your facts before you go
spouting off again. You have lost MY respect.
We provided the screenshot of his words to back up our statement. We provided DOCUMENTED PROOF. Mr. John Hart did not like this. He accused SantaCheck.com of using copyright protected material (the screen shots of his posts).

We still have the screen shots, and will send them to anyone who wishes to see them. Until then, simply click on the above link, you can see the rebuke for yourself. (until they take it down that is)

The ONE thing we found that we were proud of on SantaTalk, and they are upset that it is reported to you, even though they held their little bickering event and rebuke IN THE PUBLIC. Go figure.

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