Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tim Connaghan, who teaches not to allow Santa to be caught in a questionable situation....

To all the people from Skagway who "responded" to our post, who claim they are responding to our denigrating of the ladies in the photo...

And to the totally UNPROFESSIONAL posts from the photographer who, in his post, liked to use "professional" phrases like, "you really need to get a grip"...

We will NOT publish your posts. Get over it.

We did not originate this story, we simply reported that this story happened and that it was upsetting Santas. And we reported that Tim Connaghan teaches to not allow Santa to be presented in a bad light.

This story of Tim Connaghan allowing himself and his students, who come to him to learn how to be Santa, to be photographed as "Santa" in a situation that other Santas thought was a bad light, IS a story that has merit, BECAUSE of his claiming to know what is correct behavior.

WE added the part about Connaghan stressing to always have both hands visible. Our addition of the story was pointing out that Connaghan did not do that. We said NOTHING about the character of the ladies involved. Your complaints that we did are WRONG. Our posting was about Connaghan.

Your arguments are "straw men" and will not be propped up for you to knock down.

The issue is Connaghan excersizing judgment that OTHER Santas are already upset about and calling "bad judgment".

And THAT is where this issue will stay.

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