Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You won't believe the emails we get.

You won't. We could publish the emails, but you just wouldn't believe them. We say that based on the emails that we get. HUH?

Well it seems most of the emails we receive are from the people featured on this blog. Emails from the so called "santas" that are reported on here. They claim we are making this stuff up. They claim we are "taking their comments out of context".

Yet, we are only posting THEIR words. We even provide screen shots of their posting when possible.

You won't believe what they say. They say, get this, they say that it is HORRIBLE of us to post their words here. They say that we are tarnishing the name of "Santa" by taking their foul words and hateful statements, and displaying them here for you to see.

They are shocked and appalled that a site like this exists. Well, we are shocked and appalled that posts like theirs exist. You would think if they were really shocked and appalled, they would remove their message boards that contain these shocking and appalling posts. You would think they would not have posted them to begin with.

By the way, take a look at the counter on the right. Many of the "santas" we report on check us out every day. Is a "santa" from YOUR town listed here on this site? Is Ric Erwin the person you are trusting your child with? Remember him, he posted a video that showed "how Santa got his yule log back", because of a (north) Pole Dancer? This video was also titled "Santa's Girthday Party"

What about Allen Keeney? He posted;
"Be careful when you scratch the surface of our lifestyles. I know of many things among our fellow Santas of which we do not speak. Even XXXXX* would not identify a child molester by name. We have gay Santas, swinger Santas, ex con Santas, Santas that cheat on their wives, religous (sic) nut case Santas. You name it we have it. Sorry but that is life."

So let's see, is this site horrible for letting you know that Allen Keeney said that kind of thing? or is it Allen Keeney that is horrible for saying that to begin with?

We realize that this post does not contain anything new.... for the most part, it is because they have stopped posting extremely hateful posts on their site they call "SantaTalk" and have hidden it behind the other site called "SantaTalkATT". SantaTalkATT is now password protected so that the average public cannot see it... however the same vile talk still continues, just hidden from view.

Now we ask you... Do you feel that your child is now safe, because they are HIDING their vile natures? Oh wait, you say that is not the same as removing or repenting of their vile nature?

Oh Sorry... they only hide their filth now, they didn't stop it.

How long will SantaCheck continue? As long as people like that are trying to be with your children.

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