Thursday, October 16, 2008

Santa's Girthday Party?

Just in case you all forgot about the most foul "santa" page we have found, do NOT forget about Ric Erwin, the L.A. Fair "santa claus" from Laguna Niguel.

We previously reported that Ric Erwin, who also claims to be a professional videographer, posted on his video site, a video of his Birthday Party. Oh Wait, it wasn't his Birthday Party, he proclaimed it his GIRTHDAY PARTY. Not only that, he called it "Santa's Girthday Party"
You can see the screenshot of his own web page right there. And look, his page even states his tie in with the L.A. County Fair.

But let's get back to the Girthday? The page reads, "CLICK HERE to see video of Jolly Ole' Saint Ric receiving one of his recent birthday gifts - from a young lady with a FEW gifts of her own!!"

A very common dictionary definition of the word girth is:
The girth of an object is a measurement around it.

Now one would probably assume that what we MUST be talking about is Santa's Belly.. right?
One would THINK.

But then when you watch the video, you get to see that the subtitle of his video is, "HOW SANTA GOT HIS YULE LOG BACK" and then we see the very vulgar Mr. Ric Erwin, the "santa" for the L.A. County Fair, sitting in a chair, making rude comments about a belly dancer that someone hired for him. How Santa Got His YULE LOG Back????? Does anyone still think Ric Erwin is talking about Santa's belly? Or is Ric Erwin publicly talking about ANOTHER part of Santa's body?

We posted about this once before, and even posted a link to this video that ties Santa to vulgar comments. Once we let the world know just what kind of "santa" Ric Erwin is, he quickly took down the video, and changed the name to remove the "Girthday".

But he still had it up there. This slovenly looking man drooling over the belly dancer acting as if she was a stripper had this video up for almost an ENTIRE YEAR before we posted about it. Once we did, he took it down QUICK. He then wrote to our server company complaining about what we did. Our domain name had to find a new home. We are still working on finding a place for the very large .rm file so that the world can see just what kind of "santa" Ric Erwin really is.

But we have so much on him, his foul mouth, his harassing people in their homes by calling their landlords, and so much more, we are SURE he will do something again, to disgust us. AND we will post it here, so that the world will know.

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