Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mr. Earl Allen Keeney's Foul Mouth

Below is a post that Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, a "Santa Claus" of Palm Springs CA, posted on a message board called SantaTalkATT

Please understand the following piece of foul language is the written words of Mr. Earl Allen Keeney.

What a pathetic sack of shit you are. Tom has been a member
since the beginning and I since 2003. you are the interloper.
While we were busy with our last Christmas seasons we found
a couple of unscrupulous bastards had stolen our once noble
organization and subverted it to their own use. If there are
men of honor left on elf net they must be suffering from a
diminished capacity.

You bait us from elf net but do not allow us to reply there;
You are free to post here as long as you identify yourself
honestly. How about reciprocity?

We are the spirit of AORBS. You are not.

The Elephant
"pathetic sack of shit"? "unscrupulous bastards"??? These are the words that are from the spirit of AORBS? Wait a minute.... we wrote to AORBS and asked if you were a member, and AORBS stated that you were not a member and that you had been removed from the organization. We would think that you were removed for good reason. Kudos to AORBS for removing you from their midst.

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