Thursday, October 9, 2008

SantaTalk ??? Santa Talks Like That????

We have posted messages made by people like Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, a "santa claus" in Palm Springs CA, and Mr. Ric Erwin (real name Frank Richard Erwin) a "santa claus" in Laguan Niguel CA, and the Reverend Rob Figley, a "santa claus" in Vancouver WA.

These "santas" have a very foul mouth. If you go to their message board, you will find very foul language on a message board called "SantaTalk" and "SantaTalkATT".

At their message boards, you can do a search for words in their posts. For example if you do a search for the word "motorcycle", you will see every post that includes the word "motorcycle".

What is so terrible about this site where "Santa" Talks, is that if you do a search for the following words, Bitch, piss, bastard, and shit, you will see a LOT of messages on both of their message boards that contain those words.
"piss" at SantaTalkATT
"piss" at SantaTalk
"bastard" at SantaTalk
"bastard" at SantaTalkATT
"shit" at SantaTalkATT
"bitch" at SantaTalk

Is this the way you want YOUR Santa to Talk?

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