Friday, October 10, 2008

How do we decide what to post?

We have been asked, basically, how do we decide what we post?

Actually, what we have really been asked by some of the people we have been posting about is, why me? and why don't you go after "that guy"?

When we post items for you to know about, we endeavor to post the individual's own words and his/her own postings by his/her own hand.

If you have something that you would like to report to us, we MUST have proof of the charges. We are providing their own words that THEY write.

We will NOT post accusations that do NOT have proof accompanied with them. We will NOT post the recent comment we received that basically said, "Well You need to go after Mr. XXXX, he lied, he stole". If you do not have written documentation, it is nothing more than whining and hateful lies, and gossip. We have already received a comment from someone who registered a Blogger ID the very same day he sent the comment. There are no other posts by this person, no blogs, no other identification at this time.. other than some name of "Santa4everandever".

We don't publish gossip. We publish documented proof.

UPDATE: 10/11/08: As suspected, but not stated, our helpful "friend" "Santa4everandever" is none other than Ric Erwin a "santa" in Laguna Niguel.

He posted this;

I set up a "blind" web ID last night, and submitted this to, as if I was an uninvolved Santa who "discovered" this stuff online… and .... I'm gonna wait another day or two, and then follow it up with some "discoveries" about XXXX—and I'll mention that the SantaCheck webmaster's failure to follow up on the Nick Trolli stuff is so disturbing that I'm considering contacting some of the persons whom they have mentioned from "Santa Talk", and asking if they have seen this stuff…
Here Mr. Ric Erwin is trying to look like an "uninvolved Santa" who "discovered" "stuff online"
Mr. Ric Erwin, a Santa Claus from Laguna Niguel CA is guilty of nothing but libel, slander, and gossip. Part of his post to us is this;
I Googled "AORBS" and found this site:

Mr. Ric Erwin, a supposed Santa Claus from Laguna is NOT an "uninvolved Santa" and he did NOT "discover" this "stuff online" by googling AORBS and finding

Mr. Ric Erwin, a supposed Santa Claus from Laguna Niguel CA is the author of all the pages on .. He is HOSTING the site, he wrote the site.

Mr. Ric Erwin is disingenuous as best.

Again, we will NOT post gossip.. we only post proof. If you have proof Mr. Frank Richard Erwin, send it, or post it. We will not post your unproven gossip.

Everything we have posted on Ric Erwin, AKA Frank Richard Erwin, a supposed santa claus in Laguna Niguel CA were screen shots of his own words. It was HIS words that we posted that he objected to. It was HIS words that we posted that he called disgusting. THAT is the only thing we agree with him on. His words were disgusting.

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