Thursday, October 9, 2008

Even More Foul language from Santa

Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, a "santa claus" in Palm Springs CA really has a mouth on him. Here is another example of his public post. What language. This man wants YOUR kid to sit on his lap. This man wants to be able to TALK to YOUR kid.

Over on elf net Nicky - Poo likes to cheer us on with cute
cute sayings under the heading of quotes worth pondering.

The Elephant has one for him, "When the bull shits in the
well, all who drink, drink bullshit" or maybe in his case
"When the steer shits in the well all who drink, drink
faux bullshit".

If we ever have elections, or is this like Zimbabwe? The
Elephant is considering running for the presidency of AORBS.
The "mole" will emerge with a photoshopped picture and a
bogus resume. He will sound to good to be true and rally the
sheep. Does some of this sound like a replay?

Another quote for you Nicky-Poo; "He who laughs last,
laughs the loudest."

Isn't that nice? We can see why he was removed from membership of AORBS.

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