Thursday, October 9, 2008

More Foul Language from Santa

More foul language from Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, a "Santa Claus" in Palm Springs CA.

Here are more words from our flowery Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, a "Santa Claus" in Palm Springs CA;

As events unfold I would like to assume the role of
"Prophet of Santa Talk". My DNA links me to a group
which claims to be direct descendents of Abraham. That
means I share the same Y chromosome with some very
powerful individuals in the Bible.


On the subject of Christian forgiveness I like to quote a
colored pastor I knew in Portland years ago. His life was
devoted to helping the less fortunate and his Church was
deep in the Hood. He daily saw and helped the worst of
humanity. I once heard him say "When a man strikes you
forgive him and turn the other cheek if he strikes
that too, Kick him in the nuts."

ELLY the PROPHET aka The Elephant,
#10, Santa Allen, Allen, Allen Keeney
"kick him in the nuts"??? He might share some DNA with people from
the Bible, but it is a shame he does not share the Holy Spirit from the Bible.

How many of you can see Jesus Christ saying "Kick him in the nuts"???

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