Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The L.A. Fair Santa called a father a liar because the father asked for prayer for his daughter.

While looking at SantaTalk again, we noticed that some posts are starting to be deleted.
One here, one there. Not many, just a couple. It seems that when we post and let the rest of the world know just how terrible these PUBLICLY VIEWABLE posts from "santas" are, they take THAT post down.

Case in point, the post wherein Frank Richard Erwin, AKA Ric Erwin, a supposed "santa claus" in Laguna Niguel, and who sat with the Los Angelas children this past September at the L.A. Fair, posted a post with the subject line of "GOD DAMN YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL, NICK TROLLI!!!".

In this post, Ric Erwin states that he calls the Apartment Complex Manager of Mr. Nick Trolli, because Nick Trolli had posted a prayer request for his daughter who was involved in a swimming accident that endangered her health.

Ric Erwin posted that message number after Nick requested prayer for his daughter, on Nick's own organizational message board. Nick Trolli did NOT post it on SantaTalk.

The "santas" on SantaTalk felt the need to post it on their message board, and then use the information to attack Nicholas, at his home, via his landlord.

We have repeatedly mentioned this in our postings. As of this morning, that post is now gone. has accomplished another victory. However SantaTalk, SantaTalkATT still exists. Until they are completely ashamed of their PUBLICLY VIEWABLE FOUL MOUTH, we will not stop.

Part of his original message is as follows;

She wasn't exactly hostile at first, but she was QUITE stern-- even from the opening greeting-- and she demanded to know exactly who I was, and that I reveal the source of my interest in the matter before she would even confirm or deny its occurrence. I identified myself exactly as I'd done earlier, except that this time I specified FORBS as the group I was calling on behalf of; I told her that the resident whose report we were trying to verify was Nicholas Trolli, and that we simply wanted some kind of third-party confirmation before we loosed the flood of sympathy and support which such an incident would surely trigger amongst our noble brethren.

As I spoke this, I sensed the relief flooding through Robin, and once she started to talk, I felt that tingling sensation in the back of MY neck, as well!!!

First of all, she said, the pool was closed yesterday. Secondly, there HAD been a minor incident on Sunday involving teens horseplaying, but that the only person at risk at any point was that teen boy mentioned in Jerksniff's post-- and that the closest Nick's daughter ever came at any point to being in danger was when the teen grabbed her bathing suit, and she briefly went under water. Although she DID cry after she got out of the pool, she made her own way to the poolside, AND SHE WAS NEVER OUT OF SIGHT OF THE LIFEGUARD!
Wait a minute, let's see if we can sort this out and then piece it back together as a truthful statement. We do not see that it can happen.

"She said the pool was closed. "
"There HAD been a minor incident on Sunday" ... (At a CLOSED POOL???)
"The closest Nick's daughter ever came at any point to being in danger was when the teen grabbed her bathing suit and she went under water". .... (sounds like someone else in danger besides just the teens that were horseplaying)
SHE WAS NEVER OUT SIGHT OF THE LIFEGUARD????? ( A lifeguard at a closed pool???)

Swimmng and playing in a "CLOSED POOL". A girl who was "NEVER in any danger", yet, she was pulled "under water" by some teenagers. ?????????

Ric Erwin is calling Nick Trolli a liar because he asked for prayer for his daughter, and he can't write publicly viewable sentences that agree with each other in the same paragraph.
Frank Richard Erwin, AKA Ric Erwin, a "santa claus" in Laguna Niguel, CA and the "Santa" at the September 2008 L.A. Fair, called a father concerned for his daughter, a liar.

"Santa" called a father a liar, because the father asked for prayer for his daughter.
The L.A. Fair Santa called a father a liar because the father asked for prayer for his daughter.

Just because we are tired of posting filth on here, and it is nice to have something good to publish, we are going to publish the prayer request from Nick. You can see what has ENRAGED "Santa" so much. We are posting this with his permission;

Tonight I am sitting vigil on my 10 year old daughter praying that she will be ok. Today after taking her to participate in a Flag Ceremony with her scout troop, the VFW and the ELKS we returned home and my wife took them to our complexes pool as she has done the past two weeks and usually does in the summer months. Today like I usually do I stayed home and worked on Santa and AORBS stuff in the quiet of the apartment.

After tiring of my activities on the phone concerning AORBS and the discussion ensuing on ELF NET I decided to go to the pool and relax a bit. This was not to be the case for me however. Upon my arrival at the pool I could sense uneasiness in the air, as I scanned the pool I found my wife with my daughter at the side of the pool. Cecelia was gasping for air.

As I am assisting Cecelia my wife tells me of 3 teenagers that were goofing off at the pool and that they threw a 17 year old friend in the 9 ft section of the pool. This fellow couldn't swim and was flailing in the water. Both my children have had classes at the YMCA and are good swimmers. They are now working on becoming better at swimming under water; this is why Cecelia was in the deep end. When this guy was thrown into the pool he was fighting for his life. A drowning person will grab anything to try and stay afloat. It is not uncommon for a rescue swimmer to be drowned with the initial victim.

Cecelia was what this kid was grabbing and she was being held under him where no one could see her. The life guard thought this teenager was goofing off as has been their habit and she didn't see my daughter. Finally the life guard jumped in and saved the teenager as he was going down for the third time. Cecelia managed to break away but was in trouble as she was week and had aspirated water. My wife got her to the side of the pool and out of the water.

A trip to the ER and now a night of observation, this father sits here realizing how close my baby, my angel came to singing in the choir in heaven. I'm not afraid to tell you that the thought of losing my child terrifies me. There is no way after an incident like this you cannot realize how precious life is.

Please pray with my family that Cecelia is ok and that all the bad that can happen when you aspirate water in your lung doesn't happen.
You make the judge on which Santa you would want to visit YOUR children.

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