Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Santa" indeed has a foul mouth

It's time for some screen shots to prove our posts

Ric Erwin, a "Santa Claus" in Laguna Niguel CA and who was the "santa" at the L.A. Fair this past September posted a post with the subject line "GOD DAMN YOUR IMMORTAL SOUL, NICK TROLLI!!! "
Here is the post as a screen shot.
Can you believe the mouth on this Santa?

Here is a conversation where they are making fun of a competitor in their business.

Charlie Thomas, a "santa claus" from Alabaster AL (AKA BamaSanta), said of his competitor,

"... I'd be willing to lend my foot to be strategically placed in the appropriate area for kicking"
To which Ron Olsen, a "santa claus" from Alameda CA, said,

"Dibs on cutting the suspenders!"

Finally, Owen Davenport, a "santa claus" from Terre Haute IN responded with this one;

"I want dibs on cutting that nasty beard"
Here is a post from a Mr. Glenn Heald, a "santa claus" from Macon GA,

Is he asking Jesus to kill someone?

Speaking of BamaSanta, his wife, Cindylu, AKA Cindy Thomas from Alabaster AL is no better than the foul mouthed "santas". Remember Mr. Earl Allen Keeney, who said that the correct way to handle a brother who strikes you on the cheek, you are to "kick him in the nuts"?

Check out this reply from Miss Cindylu.. and we are not referring to the cute little Cindylu Who from Dr. Seuss. This little old lady shows a real mean streak herself.

This little old lady will HOPEFULLY stay away from the Santa Set when you take your children in the Alabaster Alabama area. But.. who knows.. maybe she will be there. MAYBE she will be acting on the set, the way she acts on this message board. Do YOU want to take that chance?

While we are on the subject of BamaSanta. We were checking out their website while preparing this site, THIS was on their website;

and this was at the bottom of the page;

Unfortunately, they have recently reworked their site, and you cannot see "their" nice list anymore. So, you cannot see the stolen bandwidth tag either.
Here is what Wikipedia's description is of "bandwidth theif"

Inline linking (also known as hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs and bandwidth theft) is the use of a linked object, often an image, from one site into a web page belonging to a second site. The second site is said to have an inline link to the site where the object is located.

Some servers are programmed to use the HTTP referer to detect hot-linking and return a condemnatory message, commonly in the same format, in place of the expected image or media clip.
A common way of dealing with bandwidth theft, is "the old switcheroo", whereby the person paying for the bandwidth, but is the victim of bandwidth theft, will, instead of telling that person to stop, they will simply EDIT the image, making it an image that can be offensive, or embarrassing. It seems the owner of the image on Charlie Thomas' website went for the embarrassing option. Lucky Mr. Thomas. However, it revealed Mr. Charlie Thomas and Mrs. Cindy Thomas to be bandwidth theives.

Hmmm.. No wonder they changed their website.

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