Friday, October 2, 2009

A "Santa" in Tennessee at the center of controversy

The headline at loudly proclaims:

Celebrate Santa Fractures on Charges of Corruption

portions of the article reads:

“Santa Joe” Moore and his wife, “Mrs. Mary Claus” Moore, owners of the Jolly Old Elf Company and Celebrate Santa, are documented in a web of conflicting stories that have led to mass defections of all Celebrate Santa’s 2009 chairpersons

The problem centers around some plaques sold to benefit a charity;

Joe Moore is hesitant to discuss the situation on the record. “The issue with the plaques is a private matter between us and the vendor,” Joe Moore said.

A private matter between him and the vendor? We Wonder why Joe Moore posted about it publicly then;

Over the months, the Moores have delayed or explained away delivery of the plaques and accounting for the funds. Shortly after the convention was over, the Moores committed to deliver the plaques by the end of April. Then on May 6th, Joe Moore posted a note on, the popular Santa forum online dedicated to professional Santas, indicating that the plaques were “still being worked on”.

Mary Moore says the hold up is the charity's fault;

On July 17th, Mary Moore told the vendor in an email “Indeed we are waiting for Santa America’s portion of the plaque payment which they assure me will be here shortly”. Santa America denies any involvement in the collection of funds or obligation to the vendor for the plaques.

There will be more news being published apparently;

In our next article in this series: What Joe Moore Really Thinks of the Santa Claus Oath

Go read the article for yourself;

Remember just like our other posts, we are not creating accusations, nor are we originating these events, we are simply bringing them to your attention. Most of our posts are in the "santas" own words, or they are articles that have made the news, as in this case.


Jeff Westover said...

Are you out of your friggin' mind? Who do you think reads this website?

Your enemies do. And all it does to see stuff like this is pour gasoline on a fire -- and it continues to mire down an industry that has seen enough piling on, enough drama and enough attacks from within.

The article at came from me, a third party without a dog in this hunt.

I am not a professional Santa. I am a publisher. I tell this story and others like them to protect the image of Santa Claus.

And when I say Santa Claus, I don't mean YOU or any other human being who puts on the suit.

I mean the Santa Claus in the minds of children and in the hearts of parents who want their children to know the real Santa. These are the people I write to. I am THEIR advocate.

I find it every bit as disgraceful that a site like this exists, written and maintained by a so-called professional Santa.

It's not professional. It's not something Santa would do. It is not something even a decent human being would do.

The purpose of the article on DS was not to bring out the howling, discontented dogs of the Santa world.

It was instead intended to shut them up.

To get them to realize that there are standards -- and they had better live up to those standards AND to the Oaths they take in public in their persona as Santa Claus.

If you have an decency and common sense you'd take this site down and apologize to the Santa community. It is a disgrace.

Jeff Westover said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Mr. Westover, Who is pouring gasoline on a fire now? Who is miring down an industry that has seen enough?

No dog in the hunt? You seem to have a dog, you keep picking on ONE organization, and you are growing your for profit websites by stirring up the controversy and making sure everyone knows every little thing you think is bad.

Who died and made you the judge of people's actions?

You can report on fraud but we can't take these same fraudulent individual's OWN POSTINGS and make sure they are exposed?

This particular article was posted here, because YOU posted it on your site. We were not aware of it, until YOU made it public. If you didn't want it on the internet, you should not have put it here.