Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Santa Fraud?

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"Media reports are now surfacing of the fraud we have been reporting associated with Celebrate Santa, Jolly Old Elf LLC and Joe and Mary Moore for more than a year. Earlier this week The Gatlinburg Tourism Board issued a statement defending their actions in saving the festival from total collapse even though the bills from 2009 were never fully satisfied and nothing had been paid to put on the 2010 show."

" cannot reach Jolly Old Elf LLC and Joe Moore has made efforts to erase his tracks on the Internet. Two Facebook pages have been deleted and attempts were made to erase data from the Celebrate Santa blog, though an archive of those records have been saved for forwarding to prosecuting authorities. We have repeatedly attempted to contact Joe and Mary Moore for their response without success."

Joe, Joe, what are you up to?

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