Tuesday, September 23, 2008


We have already received some emails from some Santas asking us who we are, and why are we doing this.

We here at SantaCheck.com have not listed our individual names, or a physical address where we can be found.

There is a very good reason for that.

First: Why are we doing this?
We saw so much in the world today, that concerned us as parents. When we read about what the State of California called the "Bad Santa Law" we became even more concerned.

This made us realize that information needed to be provided in an easier to reach format. We decided to become a clearing house as it were of the information we found on the internet. We make no claims. We simply show what we have found. We strenuously try to ensure that the information we provide is information in the individuals own words. We do not proclaim anyone as anything. We let their words do that.

Who are We?
When we imagined the idea for this site, we at first were going to provide a complete contact information resource. However when we read of an account where someone contacted the "apartment complex manager" of a person they had a public disagreement with, this concerned our families, and us as well.

We decided to not provide that, in an effort to protect our families and children. We quickly removed any contact information from any files we had prepared for the then upcoming website. This is for the safety of our Children, of which we have already proclaimed, that is WHO we are concerned for.

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