Monday, September 29, 2008

We Are Gaining Ground! is gaining ground. We already told you that a Santa Claus message board full of nothing but Hate, foul language and self confessed sex swingers was quiet because of our exposing of their language and actions. (Now third day, no new postings)

We can now report that Paul Vincent, "Santa Claus" from St. Petersburg FL and Manhattan NY, and a member of the International Order of Santas has changed his International Order of Santas Profile. He has removed his shocking, disgusting links to adult sites that feature him in the nude.

He has removed the links, but he has not removed his adult sites. Mr. Paul Vincent, who pretends to be a "Santa Claus" from Manhattan NY, and St. Petersburg FL, still maintains his connection and his sex lifestyle.

We would really like to know why those disgusting adult links were on his International Order of Santa Profile to begin with.

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