Friday, September 26, 2008

We are still here

We are still here. We have been threatened with efforts to overload our server and knock it off line. We think they call that a "Denial of Service Attack". Believe it or not, this threat is from people who claim that they are Santa. They posted publicly that they want to organize some kind of overload on our server, and overwhelm it to cause us to go offline.

It is a good thing that they do not have the technical skills, because from what we have seen of those hateful people at SantaTalk, they would do it if they knew how.

We have seen them post threats of violence to other Santas that compete with them in the Santa world. We have seen them brag about calling a competing Santa's landlord and harass him at his apartment building. We have seen them post google map pictures of his place of residence. We have seen them insult his wife.

We have no doubt, if they could pull off something like take our server down, they would do it. But is still up.

Also, they have claimed that they were going to complain and have our site taken down by our server provider. As a matter of fact, two days ago, they said that "this time tomorrow" our site would be down. It has now been two days.

We wonder if anyone has tried to take their site down.

Has anyone read the hateful stuff they write? It is horrid. And these men want to spend time with YOUR children???? We wouldn't let them anywhere near ours.

By the way, we had access to their message board for a time. They removed our posts and our access, but while we were there, we found this in their photo section.
We already know, that they know how to photoshop images , Here is another example of their photoshop efforts. That person in the picture, that is the one they post about hating so much, the other Santa that they are competing against. This is the one, of which, Owen Davenport, a supposed "Santa Claus" in Terre Haute Indiana, said he wanted "dibs on cutting that nasty beard".

From: "Owen Davenport"
Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008 12:25:11 -0400
X-Yahoo-Profile: santaowen47803
Subject: Re: [STATT] Nicky Poo's home page

I want dibs on cutting that nasty beard

Santa Owen
Talk about Hate! That entire message board, of those "santas" is full of nothing but hate.

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