Monday, September 29, 2008

SantaTalk speechless

For the first time since we have been monitoring SantaTalkATT, it would appear that they are speechless.

Two Full days have gone by without any posts on the Board that exists to "Answer The Trolls" as they state on their front page. Although on several of their messages in that board, they say that ATT stands for "Attack The Trolls". It is also apparent in their postings that the "troll/s" is their favorite insult for a Santa/Santas that they compete with in their Santa Business. They have called him just about every name in the book. They set up this entire message board for the sole purpose of posting their hatred for an individual they think threatens their ability to make money as "santas". (see posting below that includes an image they made out of his photo. It is his picture on a dart board)

They have posted that we were going to be taken offline. They complained because we are exposing their own words. We take screen shots of their postings and place them in our website, so that they can be seen by the rest of the world not familiar with their message board.

They have called taking their words and posting them here "Hate Speech". We wonder why they didn't consider it hateful when they posted those same words on their own message board.

In a recent post by Ric Erwin, a Santa Claus in Riverside CA, he deviated from his norm, and used words like "crap" "stuff" and "junk" rather than so-called adult language, which he routinely filled his posts with in the past.

We are happy to see that has accomplished at least ONE thing. We have cleaned up their language that they use in public. We wonder how long it will last. We wonder how long it will be before they harass someone else in the privacy of their own home. We wonder how long it will be before they "cuss like a sailor" and then tell everyone to just deal with it, again.

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